Hair salon Metroshopping-Cornavin open 7 days a week
From Monday to Sunday including on holidays, 8am-9pm
Nocturnal every day until 9pm
+41 (0) 22 731 75 29


Metroshopping Cornavin : open 7 days a week, including on holidays, 8am to 9pm
Krieg : open from 9am to 7pm


Nous utilisons les produits Marcapar pour nos couleurs 100% naturel.

Promotion lors de votre première visite sur la beauté de pieds

-30 % sur les ongles en gel ou acrylique

Offre exclusive

30% sur Epilation à la cire Hommes, Femmes


Extentions made of natural Hickenburg hair, prices start at CH-6 – per strand !!


Smoothing care with Kerasilk keratin

Up to 5 months without any frizz

Informations or appointments : 022 788 76 77 and 022 731 75 29

100% vegetal hair dye

100% natural and organic

30% more shiny

Call us : 022 731 75 29

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KMS California now available at Angie’s

When technology combines with nature.
KMS California always have worked to combine the best of technology and nature.
This combination of technology, innovation and natural components allows to obtain unrivaled effective products.

Start to Finish


With KMS you can choose between 9 ranges of specific cares which will help you create your personal look, no matter what.
The range ‘Start’ turns toward shampooes and hair conditioners to begin working on your look.
The range ‘Style’ works to construct, form, fashion and boost the look you have chosen.
Finally, the range ‘Finish’, as its name indicates, is meant to finalize your look. You choose the last refinement and allow your look to last as long as you wish.
You can find all the details about our care products in the FAQ.
Why combine technology and nature ?
For KMS, this combination of nature and technology is completely self-evident. By combining technology and the very last innovations with nature, it is possible to obtain unprecedented effects for your hair.


Angie’s L’instant coiffure

Angie’s L’instant coiffure, two hair salons and beauty salons in Geneva : KRIEG, open from Monday to Saturday, 9am-7pm and METRO-SHOPPING open 7 days a week (including on Sundays) from 8am to 9pm, to satisfy the desires and needs of everyone.

In-home service.


Hairdressing for women

For more than 20 years, the women’s hair salon offers custom-made cares by using the best products in a unique space dedicated to hairdressing, beauty and fashion, all in the same place.
Our two addresses : Avenue Krieg ‘rive gauche’, open from Monday to Saturday, 9am-7pm and Cornavin-Metroshopping ‘rive droite’, open 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday, 8am-9pm (night-time everyday), Angie’s well experienced staff will meet all your desires at any time of the day and of the week.


Hairdressing for men

Located in Geneva on the ‘rive gauche’ and on the ‘rive droite’ as well, Angie’s two hair salons are also two hair salons for men, barbershop and beauty parlor for men. All services provided by a team of talented hairdressers ready to adapt to every hairstyles for every hair types.


A unique space

One of a kind, Angie’s offers a whole range of services within reach. Located in one single place, the hair salon, the beauty salon and the fashion boutique allows everyone to save time thanks to a simultaneous access to every elements of modern women’s beauty.


Useful informations

To satisfy the largest number, our staff speaks several languages (French, German, Italian, English, Arabic) and welcomes customers coming from all over the world. Long-time desire or just an impulsive one ? Our two addresses : Avenue Krieg ‘rive gauche’, open from Monday to Saturday, 9am-7pm and Cornavin-Metroshopping ‘rive droite’, open 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday, 8am-9pm (night-time everyday), to satisfy your every desire any time during the day and during the week. Please contact us !


Women’s hairdresser | Men’s hairdresser | Barbershop | Nail salon

MetroShopping Cornavin | 1201 Geneva | +41 (0) 22 731 75 29
Open 7 days a week, from Monday to Sunday (including on holidays), 8am-9pm
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